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The Business/Work of God Cannot be Overthrown


As of this date, November 9, 2018, I'd like to make perfectly clear, due to misinformation on the internet regarding my location and the location of my ministry.  I am currently located at 3734 W. El Segundo Blvd., Hawthorne, CA, United States, as stated on 'Contact Us' page.  Several times, I've been required to relocate due to this HIGHLY IMPORTANT non-denomination Christian ministry, the ministry of Christ and of God, that I have received/experienced in me, in my heart particularly, according to 2 Corinthians 4:1-7, especially verse 6, namely 'Jesus Christ, the True King of Kings Ministry', also being Lord of lords, the business of my HEAVENLY  Father, St.

The Kingdoms of this World Have Become the Kingdoms of our Lord

Responding to YouTube video entitled “AG Sessions Uses Romans 13:1 to Defend Immigration Policy”, published June 15, 2018.  My response, dated June 17, 2018, was the following:

CORRECTION, ACCORDING TO ST. JOHN 16:7-11; 2 TIMOTHY 2:15 AND 2 TIMOTHY 3:16-17, (IN REFERENCE TO ROMANS 8:1-4, 14-17, 28-33, note verses 5-9:  In this video, AG Sessions, U. S. Attorney General, uses Romans 13:1 to defend immigration policy.  This misinterpretation of scripture and deceitful translation of the Holy Bible/the Holy Scriptures, is DESPICABLY INACCURATE and, MOREOVER, an outright LIE, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO BELIEVE LIES AND LOVE LIES CONTRARY TO THE WORD OF TRUTH /THE WORD OF GOD!

Welcome! I would like to introduce myself, Jacquetta Trenice Bounds, and my first blog, originally dated June 26, 2011), edited and improved, to share with those of you who care. Looking forward

In reference to my name, Jacquetta Trenice Bounds, stated above, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, my new God-given name(s), briefly stated above, due to my spiritual rebirth/conversion Jesus Christ the Lord, according to St. Matthew 19:28; St. Matthew 23:39; St. John 3:3-13, (especially verse 5); Acts 1:8; Acts 15:3-9; Romans 5:15-21; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21; Galatians 3:22-28; Ephesians 4:13; Philippians 2:5-11; and Colossians 1:10-29, (especially verses 12-15. 24-29); who isKING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS

The True Business/Work of God Cannot be Overthrown

The True Business/Work of God Cannot be Overthrown

The True Work of God, my Father's Business, in reference to St. Luke 2:48-49; St. John 3:21; St. John 14:1-21, (note verses 10-12);  and James 2:17-26Cannot Be Overthrown
according to ISAIAH 9:1-7, especially verses 2, 6-7, (in reference to St. MATTHEW 4:15-16);ISAIAH 54:5-17; and ACTS 5:38-39 For according to the word of my SPIRITUAL, CELESTIAL, HOLY, AND HEAVENLY testimonies of God and of Jesus Christ the Lord, being the TESTIMONY of Christ